In the river of time…


Everyday the hours flow,

the minutes and the seconds go.

Everyday a day comes to an end.

The night comes and goes again.

We  also are swimming in the river of time,

without noticing , due to the business of life,

that suddenly we have,

in the sea of eternity,


Written by Alexandra Rempel,  February 4th 2014


Photo: A.Rempel


You need an inspiration how to get time for the life you want before its too late:


Yours, sincerly


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The crumbs of the day.

At the end of the day I just want to post a question. Did you find some beauty during the day today?

My day was touched by the beauty of the sunny Föhn ( warm wind from Italy in the Alps ) day.

I took pictures and walked for a long walk with our dog.

Enjoy a look into my world and have a good sleep…and tomorrow look for the beauty in your world 🙂


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In the beginning was the word: welcome….Am Anfang war das Wort: willkommen…Na początku było słowo:witam…


Welcome to my world. In the best of my world!

Willkommen in meiner Welt. In dem Besten aus meiner Welt!
Witam w moim świecie! W tym, co najlepsze w moim świecie!

Yours sincerly,

Alexandra,  Aleksandra i Ola Rempel

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