My Art Washing Away From My Soul The Dust Of Everydaylife.
Couple days ago, on fb, on the fb site of Art Therapy Without Borders:  a quotation struck me:

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Pablo Picasso

Over a year ago, when I dwelled on picking the essence of the vision for my blog writings, I worded it :

„Hunting for beauty in the dust of the everyday life never ends…“ Join me.

Alexandra Rempel

Once I visited a creative writing workshop led by Sybille Seuffer. She stated, that there is no copy right for words… and that Goethe and Rilke used the same words we use- they just put them in the right order…

Well, and which order of the words makes people being touched is magic, I suppose…

I wish you a lot of heart touching moments with my words, put into the order of my heart.

This is in some way my art.

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