Sunny, Easy, Sunday Afternoon…

Dreaming Skies.

Sunday afternoon.

The sun tickles our noses

and the blue skies feed our hungry eyes.

Peace and bliss flood our sences.

Work routine hid, I guess… in the cellar,


and we can listen again,

to our heartbeat.


Peace and silence rules around us,

and in us.


And what about you!

How does ist sound inside of you,

on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

I wish you a break and silence,

especially in your soul.


Yours, hugged by peace


P.S. If you can´t find peace at home,

because maybe the stress is jumping at you out of your  computer´s screen –

go out to a place, where you feel relaxed.


Attentively look at the beautiful things around.


Slow down, stop and feel just for a moment ,

the life you are longing for…

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