Life is beautiful with friends… you reap what you sow…


Just couple days ago we talked about our friend in Canada- there was an issue, which we discussed with our daughter and we quoted this friend, because his wisdom was  a big help for my husband back in his youth. Well it was his youth pastor back then…. and he always said after preaching to his congregation, that they need to read the BIBLE and check, if this, what he preached was godly! Our daughter was dwelling on an issue after someone had commented on one of her decissions- we encouraged her to listen to God’s voice, and His Word, like my husband’s pastor said back then… she was at peace, because she had already done this.

Yesterday he phoned us, because he was travelling close by our home. He brought his wife and 3 relatives with him. When my daughter heard his voice on the phone – she couldn’t believe that he is around and phoned me immediately, asking me to guess who had just phoned.

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening – unplanned by us, but seemly divinely orchestrated…at the end of the evening we were all encouraged…

Well- this just confirmed for me- we are all connected and when we bless each other, we experience really interesting encounters when we speak well to and about each other! The blessing gets passed to the next generations and we can enjoy each others company…

Speak well of others and watch out – you might be close to some surprises and great encounters 🙂

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