Welcome here.

If you just have moved to Bad Reichenhall and need some ideas how to get the best out of this town, I will share some of my discoveries.

Once upon a time I have moved to Canada and I was showered with a great welcoming culture there.

Already in the immigration office at the airport in Toronto, the clerk who was delgated to do the papers for me welcomed me in my mother language and made sure I understood every procedure.

When I had moved into my home, already in the first weeks a package called “ Welcoming Wagon “ fluttered into my mailbox at the front door. It was full of information about all I possibly could need, while starting a new life in North Kildonan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

I was very touched and it helped me a lot to find my way around, without losing time trying and making errors.

Now after having lived for almost 15 years in Bad Reichenhall, Berchtesgander Land , Bayern, Germany, I finally visited the Botanic Garden in Munich two days ago, to see the live exhibition of exotic butterflies. It was stunningly beautiful!

In the Botanic Garden Shop I found a Magazine- it cought my eye: NEW IN THE CITY, München ( I saw the title and knew – the time has come- I need to do it- the blog category NEW IN BADREICHENHALL.

You might ask why now…

Well I am a social worker, who also is teaching German as a foreign language in Bad Reichenhall. I meet many newcomers, whom I teach and coach how to adjust in a new country, new region, new town… My students don’t study just German- I introduce them to the culture and the beauty and the best-ofs in our area.

And now I am going to write all my tips here so that everybody can access my TOP TIPPS of the region around Bad Reichenhall.

So here we go.

Today I am going to start with my very favourite place to savour…

Juhasz Tagesbar:

To be balanced in life we all need some rest.

And to look at the earth from above.

But not always can we climb a mountain to do that.

Here the solution:

And right away you feel like you are in Californian Yosemite Park and look into the Tunnel View ( by the way …my last trip before I left Canada led me to this exact place… and I was sad, that this magical view will be so far away from me… Surprise , Surprise.. and on top of it, recently Berchtesgadener National Park started a partnership exactly with that National Park in the USA!!!

What do you think ? Comparable? To me it is…

Sitting in Juhasz Tagesbar, my thoughts can fly around and rest…while enjoying a stunning view and an awesome team who takes care of my taste buds.

This is my todays TOP TIPP from me to you.

I hope you will enjoy the location and please let me know, how you have enjoyed that visit:

With lots of kindness for all your beginning pains in a new place,


Aleksandra Rempel

P.S. All my students were WOW when I invited them to this place. Nobody else showed them this „secret“ magical place.

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