less is more, what is our life about…

Time To Let Go...

…due to death of my mom, i started to sort her things,

standing in front of her belongings,

all of her possessions seemed suddenly so worthless,

things without their owner just don´t feel the same…

then i started to sort my things,

and i felt like throwing them all out and just live…

my life i not about those things,

it´all about my experiences…

even the pictures of those experiences don´t mean so much…not the camera…not the frames…

it´s all about being alive.

i feel so alive,

i feel so thankful for being alive,

for all the time i still have to share with my loved ones,

for all the moments of joy and love,

for all the moments of reconciliation,

for all the moments of awe,

for all the moments of just peace.

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