Home is so much…

But in the first place,

Home is where your story begins…

Home is love.

Home is safety.

Home is always waiting.

Home is where you are special.

Home is where you can sleep and rest.

Home is where you can dream and screem.

Home is where you can just be.

I wish that your home gives you that.

But what if not…

What if your story began

without love,

without safety,

without someone waiting for you,

without somebody telling you, that you are special,

when you couldn´t sleep and rest there,

when you couldn´t dream or screem there,

when you couln´t just be there…?

The good news is:

your story is not finished yet!!!

You can become your best friend and create a place where you can

feel loved and safe.

You can be with your friends and dream with them and even screem.

I wish, that you can create a new HOME for yourself.

May the heavenly Father help you with it – He wants to be your best friend and comfort you.

Heaven is our real HOME..in the first place…

With godly love, yours A.

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