Happy Marriage- sounds good to me.

The Marriage Week has started : http://www.marriage-weekinternational.com

Valentine´s Day is coming and I have to think about the words: marriage and happiness. I think we can only really celebrate, if we are feeling really happy. I have read a book in the 90s, “ Save Your Marriage Before It Starts“ written by the psychologists  Les and Leslie Parrott ( http://www.lesandleslie.com ). Their research showed, that many couples spend a huge amount of time to prepare their wedding day and the preparation for their life after the wedding was reduced, if at all, to one hour talking with their pastor about their relationship. Well, I blieve that everybody can have a great relationship and can start today to have it-but it costs you something. It costs time. Whether you are  not married yet, or already married, enjoy the preparations  for a Valentine´s Day to make your life happy as a couple…









Wedding Day in May 2008…

and they are still happy…

Happy marriage,

mission possible!

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