Islands Of „Happyness.“

When I was a mother of 2 small children, I didn´t have a lot of possibilities to do things which would relax me or give me some space.

I was living far away from my family and friends…It was stressful not to have a social support network, so I asked my mentor what I should do with this problem and she suggested to create islands of happyness in my ocean of stress instead of waiting for the holiday with my husband.

How should it work?

Well,the advice sounded and was easy!

1. You should set a place in your home, where you can retreat for 10-15 minuts without being disturbed.

2. You need to think of an action which brings joy and relaxation to you.

3. You need to do it in the chosen place everyday at least once.

I wish you a lot of creativity and fun relaxing on your Island of Happyness.

If you wish to know what my island are, here they are:

I have 3 islands: bench in front of my house with the view to the beautiful mountains

Bergblick von meiner Hausbank.

…I just sit there and look at the natures´s gifts for me, up in the mountains or down in the garden…


2. tha walk  with our most relaxed, cuddly, lovable, funny doggy of the world, Chester


3.the third one is the first I swam to, don´t laugh at me… it is the washroom and a great book!

I really enjoyed this luxury time in those days and it was so easy to do- everybody, even a mother needs to visit a washroom from time to time.

Every day a small holiday on your Island of Happyness* does miracles!

* PS „Happyness“ is spelled this way for me to keep more „happy“ .

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