Big Five For Life, By J. P. Strelecky

In the beginning of this week, I wish to introduce you to one of my favourite books.

“ Big Five For Life.” by J.P. Srelecky. :

This book flew literally into my hands, as I was waiting for my husband one day (see it is good, that we have to wait sometimes!).What luck!

This book presents 2 great concepts to enhance our life. The first one is called Museum Day, take a look at this short presentation, which explains it in a very touching way:

I hope this clip moves you closer to a fulfilled life, like it did for me!

Nairobi National Park.

The second concept  has to do with a safari.

The so called Big Five, were in the old days the animals, which were hard to hunt. Nowadays the „Big Five“ are the five animals you need to see during a safari, when the safari, wants to be called successful. Strelecky says that our life needs 5 things, for which we would be working hard, to hunt, so that we could call our life a successful life. We are the ones who determine our life´s safari goals.

I went on two safaris in Nairobi National Park in Kenya. One took place in the morning and one in the evening. My daughter and I were so keen on “hunting” all of the Big Five, that we were willing to wake up very early, don’t eat breakfast just to fulfill our dream…and so we saw:



Lions. close... lions,

but in spite of the beauty of the sights in the morning

Sunrise In Nirobi National Park.

and the diversity of the other animals

Storks From Poland Visiting The Crocodile.



and the beauty in the evening

Sunset In Nairobi National Park.

I didn’t see the elephant, leopard, and the rhinoceros.

I have to say, I was a little bit disappointed…even though it was really great both times.

This was just the ordinary safari, and we make plans, read, wake up early…sacrifice…

But now think of your life.

We sometimes don´t even think about our life and don´t make any plans… how will we feel at the end of our life, when we recognize what we have missed out on…

The author invites us to reevaluate our life.  Our life is precious. It doesn´t last forever- even if we don´t think so when we wake up every morning..

What should be a part of your life’s safari? What are your Big Five? Do you know it already?

Yesterday after my gym, I drove by an intersection close to my home. I saw a bike lying on the street beside an emergency car and a taxi which collided with the bike. I started to shiver. It could have been me. Would I have been prepared to go- is my life’s safari finished…or do I still have dreams I have never dared to think about.

I wish all of us to have courage to dream big. Search for your Big Five – they are in you waiting to be discovered. And then just go on your life’s safari!

Enjoy it a lot!

Carpe Diem people!

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