Sunny, Easy, Sunday Afternoon…

Dreaming Skies.

Sunday afternoon.

The sun tickles our noses

and the blue skies feed our hungry eyes.

Peace and bliss flood our sences.

Work routine hid, I guess… in the cellar,


and we can listen again,

to our heartbeat.


Peace and silence rules around us,

and in us.


And what about you!

How does ist sound inside of you,

on a lazy Sunday afternoon?

I wish you a break and silence,

especially in your soul.


Yours, hugged by peace


P.S. If you can´t find peace at home,

because maybe the stress is jumping at you out of your  computer´s screen –

go out to a place, where you feel relaxed.


Attentively look at the beautiful things around.


Slow down, stop and feel just for a moment ,

the life you are longing for…

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You are special- everybody is special!

When my girls were small, I came across a beautiful story written by Max Lucado: “ You are Special.“ ( )

This short story taught me a lot.

The little wooden people were wonderfully made by a carpenter and they lived happily.Until someone got an idea to compare each other… That´s the moment, when all the drama began. The wooden people started to put stickers on each other. Ugly gray stickers, if they didn´t like, what someone did, or beautiful stars, if they liked it. Some of the wooden people even stopped to go out of their houses, becuse they wereso  afraid to become victims of the judgement.

But thank to one girl, Lucia, who didn´t play that game, the change could start. She believed more in what her maker said to her, than the other people. He said to her, that he made her special, and what he does, doesn´t have mistakes. Soon another wooden person, Puncinello,  could let the game go and the village started to be  transformed.

So believe, you are special and grant others the same feeling.

Enjoy the day among special people!

Yours Alexandra

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