to all the fathers of the world

father and child

You are very important to the women who you had a child with- doesn´t matter if the child is still alive or not.

You are very important to the children you are the father of- doesn´t matter if you belive it or not, if you are there for them or not.

You are very important to take the responisbility – you had fun… now you need to face the consequences- a woman, a child is real- not a virtual toy…

So please- have the courage and face them- the most important people in your life!

May God help you with it!

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Conflict Management Against All Odds.

Peace Inspite Of Many Years As A Couple...

The past few days in Europe were pretty emotional.

We got hit by a wave which is defenitely opposit to love and understanding.

I can only think in the small way to encourage us all to work on our small conflicts within our families, work places and even churches.

Please try at least to read about the mediation and conflict resolution methods.

All our lives are worth it!

Yours sicerly,

Alexandra hoping for at least small pieces of peace…

Great infomation on dealing with conflict:

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